Susanne has held several exhibitions:

1996 “The Earth Moved” Open Section. Finalist. My inspiration for this piece was the eruption of Mt. Ruapahu the year before

1997 “Shibori Sunset” Open Section. Commended. An amazing Nelson
sunset just had to be expressed in fabric.

1998 “Crosscurrents” Designer section. Was inspired by the weaving styles of the South Pacific , and how the crosscurrents of indigenous peoples are being woven into the culture of Aotearoa (NZ).

1999 “Gaudi’s Girl” Renaissance Section. The Spanish Architect, Antoni Gaudi was the inspiration for this piece.

2000 “Reflections” Children’s Section. Commended.

2001 “Te Nikau” Pacifica Section. The Nikau is the only native palm of NZ. Standing tall and majestic in the NZ bush, I think of the palm As the Queen of the Forest.

2002 “Licked Into Shape” Open Section. A celebration of big breasted women and the men who adore them.

2003 “Tiers of Peace” Open Section. Winner. The fountain of peace represents the dissolving of our prejudices and the flowing waters is used to create a calming effect that can bring peace an harmony into our loves.

2005 “Breast Plates” Bizarre Bra Section. A mosaic piece made from fine china. Cementing together the integrity of time honoured traditions and skills, with that of domestic art forms.

2006 “You’re So Vein” Open Section. She symbolizes the vanity of beauty and the exaggerated opinion of her own importantance. But underneath this surface of projected images; the same coloured blood flows in all of us.


WOW Entry: The Earth Moved WOW Entry: Shibori Sunset Reflections Tiers of Peace
WOW Entry: The Earth Moved

ʻThe Earth Movedʻ – 1996 Open Section

Hand dyed silks, and muslin, burning incense.

Volcanos are exciting, exhilarating, … more >

ʻShibori Sunsetʻ – 1997 Concealed Revealed Section

Hand dyed silks and cottons.

When it comes to sunsets, Nelson often puts on a spectacular show of colour … more >

ʻCrosscurrentsʻ – 1998 Designer Section

Hand dyed silk, shells, wire.

This piece rejoices in the uniqueness of Polynesian cultures … more >

ʻGaudiʼs Girlʻ – 1999 Renaissance Section

Hand dyed silk and cotton, plastic netting.

The inspiration for this piece comes from the Spanish Architect, Antoni Gaudi … more >

ʻReflectionsʻ – 2000 Childrenʼs Section

Hand dyed silk, plastic, poles, wire.

Reflections are opposites, yet the same … more >

ʻTe Nikauʻ – 2001 Oceania Section

Hand dyes silk, tapa cloth, copper, beads.

As she stands majestically in the New Zealand bush … more >

ʻLicked Into Shapeʻ – 2002 Open Section

Hand painted silk, lyrca, wood , beads.

A celebration of the big breasted woman … more >

ʻTiers of Peaceʻ – 2003 Open Section

Hand dyed silk, paper, plastic.

The fountain of peace represents the dissolving of our prejudices …. more >

ʻBreast Platesʻ – 2005 Bizarre Bra Section

China, spoons serviettes and lace

This a a salute to domestic sensibilities, …. more >

ʻYouʼre So Veinʻ – 2006 Open Section

Lyrca, paper mache, shibori textured silk.

She symbolizes the vanity of beauty …. more >

ʻGuided Flightʻ – 2009 Creative Excellence Section

Shibori textured silk, hand painted cotton.

As the spirit leaves the body at the time of death …. more >

ʻTime Flysʻ – 2011

Silk, wire, paper, poles.

The clocks represent a life passing through time …. more >

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