Silk painting with salt produces amazing effects on the silk. While it is not completely controllable you can choose the areas on the silk where you want the salt to work its magic. The salt soaks up some of the paint around it and crates mottled light and dark patterns. You can use different sized grains but I find coarse salt makes the most dramatic effects.

First you need to paint the area you are going to use the salt on. While it is still wet sprinkle the salt over the paint or dye or add the salt one grain at a time. You can arrange the salt in patterns to make more defined shapes. For example if you make a circle with the salt you could end up with the shape of a flower or sun.

Dye is hand-painted onto the silk while the dye is still semi-wet, salt is sprinkled onto the fabric. Table salt, rock salt and epsom salts can all be used; the larger the salt crystals, the bigger the pattern.

The salt draws the moisture to itself leaving behind a concentrated pattern of dye. Once dried, my colours are steam-fixed into the fabric for 3 hours. the steaming process creates permanent, vibrant colour.

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